Max & April

Our Dogs

Max and April are rescue dogs. They came to us together, after living with their previous family for about five years. We have been very fortunate to have Max and April who love coming into our practice. Even though they are both in their senior years they still love walks and chasing one another, doing barrel rolls.


Loves People

Max is our gentle big dog. We think he is a mix of boxer and staffy. He has a lovely brindle coat, which in winter doesn’t keep him warm enough so he wears his Aussie Outback brown coat in winter. Max loves all people and loves getting pats. His calm and steady presence is a favourite of many. Max is especially bonded to Marjorie, which she thinks is because she feeds him and eating is one of his favourite things.


Tummy Rubs

April is our small dog. She looks like a mix of many different types of Australian dog. She has a cute face, and especially loves Oleh. She often sits in his lap and helps him to work. April needs tender care, as she has anxiety from the trauma of her early life when she had no family to care for her and had to fend for herself. April went to her second family when she was about two years of age. When she first came to us, she would hide under Max’s tummy for safety. She loves people, although sometimes she barks when she doesn’t know someone. But she quickly gets to know people and greets them by lying on the floor for a tummy rub. 

Both dogs will often lie quietly on the mat in one of the offices, or wander around to greet people. When someone comes who isn’t keen on dogs, we place them into a closed room so it’s no problem. Just let us know beforehand if this is needed.

To err is human -
to forgive, canine

Author Unknown

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